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Complete Asset Management

Vecmar has been prioritizing specialized IT services for over 30 years. Asset Management (ITAM) enables organizations to manage their IT assets on an ongoing basis. It enables businesses to establish controls, gain visibility into their environment, optimize costs and maintain compliance. With customer experience as our priority, we always look for new ways to serve our clients and enhance the benefits of technology. For this reason, we offer asset management for businesses to assist with the longevity and maintenance of your equipment.

Vecmar’s Asset Management Features:

  • Our web-based ordering system allows customers to track and report inventory and analyze the life-cycle management of hardware throughout the organization.
  • Easily manage inventory through this system. You can identify where products are at in their lifespan and record this information in an easily accessible location. From here, you can choose to procure, maintain, upgrade, and dispose of assets.
  • Tracking products is another way to elevate function across an organization. From document scanners to check scanners, and other types of IT hardware you’re responsible for a lot of inventory and we want to simplify how you view the aging of these products.

Why Choose Vecmar for Asset Management? 

When choosing a vendor for your inventory management, it is important to understand how they can serve your needs. Vecmar offers the following to optimize your workflow.

Reliable Service

  • Vecmar understands the importance of maintaining your hardware. With our extensive industry knowledge, we have the ability to address a wide array of technical problems, including any issues with inventory management for banks.
  • Even if you did not purchase the product from Vecmar, we have the expertise to service your equipment. Product repairs generally take 1-3 days and are very reasonably priced. Additionally, we offer free technical service with every order and can extend warranties on certain products.

Cost Efficiency

  • We are constantly seeking ways to save you money. This is accomplished by extending product life cycles, which can reduce the frequency of purchasing new products.
  • We also aim to provide value with our services to lessen the number of service visits required to keep your facility working efficiently. Additionally, we offer quick delivery to reduce downtime.

Customizable Solutions

  • Our team understands that not every problem can be solved the same way. Analyzing a problem and tailoring an individualized solution gives a higher likelihood of success. At Vecmar, we offer services that have your specific needs and objectives at the forefront.
  • For example, our in-house remanufacturing abilities allow us to tailor products to your specific requirements. Not only is it a great way to meet project needs, but it also gives you the ability to save money without compromising quality.

Shop Products to Build Your Inventory

When you are looking for ways to augment your business, look into asset management through Vecmar. We can help give you confidence that your purchases are justified and need-based. With services to support your current inventory, you can then consider stocking up on other equipment you require. Choose from our array of products:

  • Check scanners
  • Receipt printers
  • Document scanners
  • Credit card and ID scanners
  • Credit card terminals
  • Authentication and ID capture solutions
  • Signature pads
  • Payment terminals
  • And more
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