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Elements of KeyBank RDC

Vecmar has been in business as a remanufacturer of high-quality, affordable hardware for over 30 years. When you choose Vecmar’s banking assets, you can expect to meet deadlines, budget goals, and technology requirements with ease.

Security and convenience are two aspects to keep in mind when banking. To meet these standards, Vecmar offers check scanners that enable remote deposit capture. This helps customers feel confident in their banking and eliminate unneeded trips to bank branches.

Our Check Scanners for KeyBank

Remote Deposit Capture eliminates inconvenient trips to the bank and allows users to deposit on their schedule, at any time, in any place. As a growing trend in banking technology, its value is becoming more apparent, as it lets checks be cleared without having to physically hand the original check to a bank teller.

When the scan is conducted, it creates a substitute check. This substitute still holds the same power as the original, and then the information is sent to the tellers. This electronic process promotes efficiency in homes and across organizations.

Check scanners for KeyBank are one of the largest components of the RDC process and the ideal solution for bank tellers. Software can also be added to track background elements.

History of Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture first originated in 2004 when Check Clearing for the 21st century took effect. When this technology was implemented, several guidelines were developed to ensure a smooth process for banks. A few of these guidelines include clear images, a file size that is below a certain threshold, and maintaining a minimum number of dots per inch.

Advantages of Utilizing KeyBank RDC

Our KeyBank check scanners provide many advantages to banks and those who seek convenience. The following are some of the benefits of using KeyBank RDC:

  • Optimizes time usage – Fewer customers in the bank depositing checks will result in a better allocation of human resources and more satisfied customers

  • Cost-efficient – Optimizing the use of our KeyBank check scanners reduces the costs associated with paper

  • Improves cash flow – Deposits are typically accepted until late evening and funds are typically ready for use quickly to help customers get funds when needed

  • Less error – Scanning checks by taking photos results in fewer physical documents moved around, resulting in fewer errors

  • Ease of use – KeyBank RDC features digital tools that have the ability to store data, develop receipts, and assist in simple navigation for customer satisfaction

Benefits of Choosing Vecmar

With years of expertise and a variety of brands to choose from, Vecmar is the ideal option for your banking needs. With our KeyBank check scanners, provided in many sizes and styles, there is a tool waiting to fit your application. Our check scanners for KeyBank are user-friendly and aim to make check information accessible and organized.

When you choose Vecmar, you can expect the following advantages:

  • Immediate shipping
  • Leading warranties
  • Unparalleled service
  • Excellent customer support

If you are in the market for something beyond our KeyBank check scanners, we also have many products that are available.

Product categories include thin clients, document scanners, business printers, and barcode scanners. We also offer varied services, including free technical service with any order.

Contact Us Today with KeyBank RDC Inquiries

Vecmar is prepared to help with your KeyBank RDC needs. Not only will you be able to streamline internal processes, but you also will see customer satisfaction when they adopt the technology. Contact us today with any inquiries!

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