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Vecmar’s Hardware Process for Refurbished Printers

Vecmar’s Low Prices and Risk-Free Trials Convert You to Remanufactured Check Scanners

If you’ve tried remanufactured products from Vecmar, you know you don’t sacrifice a bit of quality for the tremendous savings. Our low prices get your attention, and the remanufactured products are what closes the deal. In fact, our products are remanufactured to more exacting standards than the original manufacturer’s. You can prove it with our industry-leading warranties. Try a free 30-day trial and we’ll send you a fully refurbished printer to try on site. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return it.

Obsessive Attention to Detail Keeps Prices Low for Refurbished Scanners

Every remanufactured product is 100% remanufactured to exacting specifications continuously refined since 1990. Keeping close watch on the details has always been the Vecmar standard. This unwavering attention to detail keeps our prices low so you save big. Our team provides outstanding service and knows the hardware inside and out, so we are a team that you can trust. These cost-effective solutions will meet your needs no matter what.

Leading Remanufactured Barcode Scanner Warranties in the Industry

If your device is not functioning properly, Vecmar will provide you with a shipping label to return it to our facility.

Feel free to call us for more refurbished printer warranty info. Maintaining refurbished bar code scanners and other hardware is essential, so that’s why our team is here to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to email, call or fax us.

Only the Best Are Chosen for Remanufacture

Vecmar buys large volumes of product, then our expert technicians rigorously inspect and test to find the best units for remanufacture. Only units that pass multiple and strict criteria earn the right to be remanufactured for you. When you choose our remanufactured products, you don’t compromise on quality for the incredible savings. In fact, you can save 50-75% by purchasing a remanufactured check scanner instead of a new one.

Continuous Improvement via Proprietary Tracking of Refurbished Scanners

As units arrive at Vecmar for remanufacture, they are carefully unpacked and separated by model and category. A VSN (VECMAR SERIAL NUMBER) is then assigned to each unit in our facility. This crucial step allows for the continuous improvement that makes our remanufacturing process more demanding than the original manufacture’s. All aspects of a unit’s lifecycle are easily tracked, and potential warranty issues are eliminated before they occur.

Your customer experience is our number one priority. This is why we have high-quality systems in place to ensure that you are receiving the product you ordered and more. Vecmar offers outstanding, unwavering, and uncompromising service, so choose us for your refurbished printers. 

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