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From Refurbished Printers to Refurbished Scanners, Vecmar Is Your Remanufacturing Destination

While it may be tempting to buy the latest versions of products, knowledgeable teams have the ability to give new life to old products by refurbishing them, delivering items just as good at a fraction of the cost.

As you may know, Vecmar carries a wide array of terminals, servers, printers and more to make your daily business functions run seamlessly. Many of these trusted products are also available as remanufactured models, which are capable of getting the job done while respecting your budget. From refurbished printers to refurbished scanners, Vecmar’s remanufacturing expertise can be an asset to your facility.

Our Process for Refurbished Document Scanners and More

With Vecmar’s remanufacturing abilities, the lifespan of your products can be extended. We take pride in being able to remanufacture a product to an equal or even superior standard to that of the OEM.

From arrival at our facility to final shipping to the customer, our refurbishing process is both extensive and methodical to deliver products that meet robust quality standards. The stages of the remanufacturing process are as follows:

  • Stage 1 – The unit arrives at Vecmar and we completely disassemble it. From there, the product shell is renewed by our cosmetic team for a fresh appearance.

  • Stage 2 – We send the extracted product parts to be tested individually. Failed or worn parts are replaced to ensure complete functionality in the product’s new life.

  • Stage 3 – Our unique cleaning procedure is executed on each component, letting us provide products that are as good as new.

  • Stage 4 – The unit is then reassembled and retested to ensure that it fully operates and meets our standards.

  • Stage 5 – In the final stage of remanufacturing, the unit is packaged and prepared for shipping. Before it gets shipped to its destination, each product is given a Vecmar Serial Number for quality assurance.

Whether you are looking to purchase a refurbished printer, document scanner, or anything else, all products endure this same process, so you can expect quality every time.

Advantages of Purchasing Refurbished Scanners and Other Products

Remanufactured products, including refurbished document scanners and refurbished barcode scanners, can often receive a negative reputation based on misinformation. However, the concern that these products are of lesser quality or performance level because of previous use is nothing more than a misconception.  Dedicated teams, like those at Vecmar, work to ensure remanufactured products are offered at the highest quality levels.

When you choose remanufactured products, you can expect to:

  • Gain a 50-70% savings when compared to new products
  • Maintain the same quality as with a new unit
  • Keep usable products out of landfills longer
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Expand your budget

Benefits of Choosing Vecmar’s Remanufactured Products

Vecmar has been a trusted remanufacturer since 1990. We oversee every detail of the refurbishing process to ensure that you get a quality product and extend your savings. If you are wanting to test the performance of a refurbished scanner or printer, try one out with our 30-day free trial.

Additionally, Vecmar examines the whole device, not just any defective parts. Every Vecmar device is 100% remanufactured, which includes repainting, cleaning, inspecting, and testing each unit to restore its original quality and factory specifications.

Lastly, we produce reliable products through our refurbishing process and our warranties illustrate this. Our customers receive a free 2-year warranty on our remanufactured terminals. These warranties are designed to keep your processes on track and showcase how remanufactured products are not inferior to brand-new products.

Vecmar’s Trade-Ins

Alternatively, if your technology is no longer working for you, consider buybacks or trade-ins. This allows you to receive cash to put toward another project or reinvest that cash into new or remanufactured products.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Refurbished Barcode Scanners and More!

If you are still not convinced that purchasing refurbished printers or other remanufactured products is for you, let us share our expertise and story. We’ll illustrate how you can save money, maintain quality, and minimize your environmental impact by shopping for refurbished barcode scanners and more.

Contact us today to learn more about remanufactured products!

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