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Warranties and Maintenance

At Vecmar, we are committed to delivering solutions to help your company thrive, and our team offers a variety of affordable services, something we’ve done for over three decades. Whether you are interested in maintenance or a warranty for your hardware, Vecmar is the company for you.

All hardware products from Vecmar include leading warranties. These, combined with our reliability and remanufacturing process, produces an unbeatable solution.

Warranty Programs with Vecmar

When you purchase equipment from Vecmar, you can rest easy, because our high-quality products also come with robust warranties. Our warranty options include:

  • Standard warranty return to depot – If your device is not functioning correctly, Vecmar will provide you with a shipping label to return the device to our facility. After it’s received, our skilled technicians disassemble and inspect all the components of the device. These repairs generally take 1-3 days and are returned to you at original factory specifications.
  • Advanced exchange warranty – This is the best solution if your company needs immediate replacement of a nonfunctional device. After you report it to our customer service team, an immediate, previously manufactured replacement will be sent by the next business day. Along with the replacement, you will receive a shipping label to let you send your nonfunctional device to our facility.

Maintenance Matters

In order to keep your business running smoothly, maintenance of your hardware is crucial. Vecmar is here to take care of the maintenance of your equipment, even if you didn’t purchase from us. Plus, we’ll even customize a maintenance program to fit the needs of your company.

With the help of our team, it’s easy to get the level of protection and repair that makes the most sense for your business. You’ll not only be protecting your investment, but you’ll also receive predictable costs for the duration of your agreement. In addition to the ease that our maintenance service provides, Vecmar can guarantee that we beat your current maintenance contract price by at least 10%.

Learn More About Our Maintenance and Warranty Services

For any questions regarding our maintenance or warranty services, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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